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Global learning – from vison to reality:  the south – north component

Weltwärts came up to enable global learning processes worldwide. The vision was to send young Germans to countries of the global south in order to learn and to participate in the work surroundings of the partner organizations. The south – north component was added to meet the challenge of multidirectional global learning processes.


The weltwärts start as learning program for young Germans

For committed participants a full year of experiences is building the frame to open up new perspectives on global development and world-wide relations. Conceptualized as a learning scheme the program was accompanied from the beginning with seminars and reflection phases. To guarantee effects on global learning it is central to focus on the returnee phase. With final closing seminar offers as well as with post volunteer service support and seminars the individual learning processes should flow into social learning processes intended in Germany. Soon after their return to Germany a part of  the former volunteers will  be decision makers in the society and with their experiences gained with the weltwärts year they should be able to decide in a different way than without having received the impulses with the weltwärts partner organizations.
From the start of the weltwärts program the civil society,  sending organizations , NGOs in the north – south context and returnee associations were forwarding the idea that global learning cannot be a one way street.

Sending every year 3000 young Germans to countries of the global south should consequently comprehend a sending scheme which is enabling young participants from the south to share in a learning program in Germany gaining similar impulses to bring home to their countries.

South - North

Linking both directions north – south and south –north will create a meeting place were global visions can be shaped out.

2008 the north – south sending started with options for young Germans to volunteer in more than 60 countries in the global south. The master plan with the vision of multidirectional learning processes had to cope with a lot of obstacles to step forward. Finally it took more than 5 years to implement a south – north component to the successful weltwärts program. 2014 the first young participants from Africa , Asia and South America  started as weltwärts volunteers in Germany.

What kind of projects can I join?

Work fields and projects

All solivol volunteer placements are situated in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost Regional State of the Federal Republic of Germany. Demands for general character traits  are common with all placements:  Open-mindedness, flexibility, self-help strategies, German language skills, willingness and capability to learn. Beside we are expecting that applicants will have individual interests and talents which will match to the specific placements. According to the requirements of the fields of works different personal strengths are demanded.

You can find more informations on our website www.volunteering-in-germany.org.

  • Volunteering in a workshop for handicapped people – Oldenburg
  • Op`n Uhlenhoff – home and life focus for people with disabilities
  • Germany seawards – Ostsee Information Center in Eckernförde
  • Kronshagen Church District Kindergarten – a place to learn and work
  • Urban Farming and social work in Kiel Mettenhof
  • Kindergarden work in Plön / Lütjenburg
  • Haus Brookkamp – Empowerment for people in need
  • Christian Jensen Kolleg – Breklum
  • Project support for enviromental education
  • AWO Intercultural Advisory Center for Migrants

One year abroad –
one year volunteering in germany