What kind of projects can I join?

Work fields and projects

All solivol volunteer placements are situated in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost Regional State of the Federal Republic of Germany. Demands for general character traits  are common with all placements:  Open-mindedness, flexibility, self-help strategies, German language skills, willingness and capability to learn. Beside we are expecting that applicants will have individual interests and talents which will match to the specific placements. According to the requirements of the fields of works different personal strengths are demanded.

You can find more informations on our website www.volunteering-in-germany.org.

  • Oldenburger Werkstatt – Volunteering in a workshop for handicapped people – Your
    support will enable people with limitation to be trained for and to participate in the
    labor market as a major goal of empowerment
  •  Sylter Werkstätten – in a very familiar atmosphere people with limitations are
    producing in a few workshops necessary things-those more limitated are receiving
    physiotherapeutical support – as a volunteer you are a part of the support team
  • Stiftung Mensch – Kita Löwenherz Meldorf- supporting in one of the Kindergarten
    groups, learning about German kindergarten concepts, which can be quite different
    from what you have seen before.
  • Stiftung Mensch – Beach chair production-people with disablities are doing wonderfulwork. Highly appreciated by clients are the various designs of the beach chairs , a typical product for the tourist and leisure sector. Imagine learning all skills for the production of beach chairs-why not taking import ideas back home to start your own business afterwards?
  • Haus Brookkamp – Empowerment for people in need – playing , cooking , shoping.
    listening to music.Is that volunteer work? In some placements you are working with
    people who can not manage their lifes on their own. They need some guidance, even
    in organizing the every day life.
  • Altenpflegeheim Horst – elderly home center- learn about the older generation in
    Germany. How they are receiving support in special home and care centers
  • Seminar centers – supporting innovative seminar centers with your practical skills.
    Learning about seminar culture and topics in Germany. Scheersberg a cultural training center for youth is looking for a volunteer for the technical department. You will be amazed at how much there is to learn.
  • artefact center for global learning – be part of the team and support with your
    colleagues innovative ideas of global learning and environmental committment

One year abroad –
one year volunteering in germany